Other Charitable Trusts

Smt. Kesar Bai Soni Educational Foundation Trust

The major objective of the trust is to provide scholarship to meritorious students especially from rural backgrounds. Every year, a large number of scholarships are distributed. Through Smt. Kesar Bai Soni Education Foundation Trust, the group has been instrumental in providing books and scholarships to poor children, organizing plantation campaigns, sports and cultural events, holding blood donation camps and distributing medicines for benefits of the people in need. The trust also facilitated group marriages of the community to save the common man from unnecessary financial burden.

Basic Training Centre

The group is running a basic Training Centre, as permitted by the Govt. of India and Govt. of Rajasthan under Apprenticeship Act, which is the first and only one in the private sector of the state, where approximately 500 workers are being trained in various textile trades and are being provided with employment.

The group has been credited for opening the first Industrial Training Centre, SANGAM INDUSTRIAL TRAINING CENTRE at Raila. It is the only training centre in India to get letter of intent for running spinning & weaving textile trades for the workers training. Rajasthan Government's campaign: Rajasthan Mission on Livelihood [RMOL], chaired by our Hon'ble Chief Minister, has also recognized it, for running various vocational courses.

Badrilal Soni Maheshwari Shiksha Sahyog Kendra

Established in the year 2007, the main object of the trust is to uproot social evils and upliftment of technical, professional, commercial education and administrative services. The trust is a trendsetter to provide subsidy on interests of higher educational loans.

Other Social Ventures

Construction of SAMUDAYIK BHAWAN, a rest house at Harni Mahadev, a picnic cum holy place situated 6 km away from Bhilwara.

Mahesh Bhawana Community Centre created by the trust at Rupaheli Kalan, District Bhilwara .

The group has guided and assisted various social, religious & philanthropic organizations & trusts through Panchmukhi Muktidham Vikas Samiti. The society has been benefited by performing last rites befitting a person of value and dignity. The development of the Muktidham is being appreciated and will prove to be a role model in times to come.

Through District Handicapped Help Line, the developmental needs of handicapped children of the area has been looked after.

Through the Rajasthan Mahesh Sewa Nidhi, the hardships faced by Maheshwari widows have been addressed. They receive financial aid on a monthly basis through the Sadvichar Parivaar scheme.

Annual satsangs are organized with an aim of creating moral values in the society. Every time more than 20,000 people attend these events. Using the infrastructure and goodwill of the Sitaram Satsang Sabha, these events could be organized round the clock. Besides this, the Sabha has constructed a big dharmshala for those government hospital patients and their attendants who cannot afford costly lodging and other facilities.

For the upliftment of higher education, a trust in the name of BADRILAL SONI MAHESHWARI SHIKSHA SAHYOG KENDRA was setup with a corpus fund of Rs. 500 Lakhs, to give the interest subsidy to those who are aspiring for higher education in any part of the world. This program received overwhelming applauds by the community at large.

The training, educational & health institutions floated by the group have played a significant role in socio-economic development of the region.