Responsibility of Sangam (India) Limited

. Policy Compliance

  • Sangam (India) Limited should implement appropriate controls to ensure compliance with this policy by not only users but also to visitors, guests, business associates, consultants, vendors, suppliers and contractual employees, who visit the premises of Sangam (India) Ltd. and those who have access to; or use information and information systems of Sangam (India) Ltd. IT Departments should provide necessary support in this regard.
  • A periodic reporting mechanism to ensure the compliance of this policy should be established by the IT authority of the organization.
  • IT Dept. should ensure resolution of all incidents related to the security aspects of this policy by their users. IT Departments should provide the requisite support in this regard.
  • IT Authority of the user organization should ensure that training and awareness programs on use of IT resources are organized at regular intervals. IT Authority should provide the required support in this regard.
  • Users should not install any network/security device on the network without consultation with the IT Department.