The fabric division of Sangam is equipped with latest technology and state of the art computerised designing looms like high speed Air Jet looms (Models includes Somet Mythos, Toyota Tappet & Jacquard, Picanol & Tsudakoma), P7100 Sulzer Tappet & Jacquard looms and Dornier Jacquard looms to produce one of the finest fabrics in Polyester/ Viscose, Polyester/ Cotton, Pure Cotton, PV Lycra and Polyester Woollen segment. The division has 251 looms with and annual production of 30 Million meter fabric.

The product range includes:
  • Polyester/ Viscose
  • Polyester/ cotton
  • PV Lycra
  • Polyester woollen

Sangam Processors holds significant market share in processing PV, PC and cotton fabric. The division is equipped with latest machinery like Automatic Jigger, Cold Pad batch machine, Jet Dyeing & Beam Dyeing machines, Kier decatising and Super Finish machine. The division has an annual production capacity of 72 Million Meter Fabric.

There is virtually no shade, tint or hue that isn't enhanced by Sangam Processors. The unit has also introduced many specialized finishings like Teflon Finish, Chiller Finish, Enzyme Finish & Perfume Finish.